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Fancy lunchables – home edition

So, I don’t like boring food. And the Norwegian lunch staple of open-faced sandwiches bore me to death, which is why I do my fancy lunchables series. Well, I am studying from home today (read: playing Divinity Original Sin and … Continue reading

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Apple rose pie

So when we had that gaming night on Sunday I made apple rose pie, and here are some braggity braggity pictures XP

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I made breakfast

Pancakes with sliced banana.

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Homemade Chai Latte

Just gonna post a pic to brag about me homemade Chai Latte with cinnamon scented milk foam =D I have latte skillz XP

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Crème brûlée

So we had one of my mother in laws over for dinner the other day, and I made us crème brûlée and pineapple ice cream for dessert, and I snapped a pic of one of the plates. Enjoy XP

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Cold brewed coffee – illustrated

Yeah, so after I posted the cold brewed coffee recipe I started thinking it would have been nice if I put some pictures in the post, so the next time I made the recipe I photographed the process. So here … Continue reading

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Cold drinks for hot days

Yah, so just a quick post to give a little tip to you all. We have been having really hot weather here in Norway lately, so hot it’s uncomfortable. All clammy and icky. So I made myself my cold-brewed ice-coffee. … Continue reading

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I love spring

I made American blueberrypanckes for an afternoon snack yesterday, and I had one left, so I took it for lunch today. We are having wonderful weather, so I took my pancake and my book and my tea and had lunch … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine

I like the Japanese tradition of girls making Chocolate treats for their boyfriends on Valentines day. This year, I made cupcakes. They are Quadruple-Whammy-Chocolate-Cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes filled with chocolate mousse with chocolate chips, iced with white chocolate butter-cream icing and … Continue reading

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I made ice cream

  This is a bowl of my all natural, homemade pineapple ice cream, made with real pineapple (as opposed to canned). Took about 10 minutes, and was delicious=D I am so proud of myself. Now off to freeze all my … Continue reading

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