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Favourites are favourites for a reason

So I have been sulky because I haven’t been able to immerse myself properly in litterature. So I downloaded Kindle and they had Joust by Mercedes Lackey. And it’s such a nice book. And I can’t seem to put it … Continue reading

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I fixed my computer=D

And I have no idea how I did itXP I have been having a very weird problem when playing  computergames. There have been panes and stripes of colours that shouldn’t be there. Yesterday I fixed it and I have no … Continue reading

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My dice loves me again=D

So you remember the pink dice I posted a couple of weeks ago. Well, they have hated me for a while now. I miss every attack roll I do, and keep on missing. They loved giving me good perception rolls … Continue reading

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10 things that I would rather do than write my termpaper

1. Play games 2. Make food/bake cake 3. Read books 4. Clean my room 5. Clean the bath room 6. Do the dishes 7. Clean the toilet 8. Starve 9. Go to lectures 10. Get drawn and quartered

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Valkyrien Allstars

So I saw Valkyrien Allstars live yesterday. It was AWESOME=D Tuva, the vocalist has this awesome husky voice, and they sang almost all my favourite songs. They didn’t play Little Darling, thou, which I really wanted them to, but oh, … Continue reading

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Look how purdy I am

Å girl in my d&d group drew my character. Ain’t I purdy?

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Playing d&d with my awesome dice 😀

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Soooo…. Halloween. I went home to Oslo for Halloween. It was so much fun. I went to see Gacha on Friday, and we missed Mirkers a lot. You should have been there=D I went as a broken doll, and got … Continue reading

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Lush opening

Lush opened in Bergen today. I bought a big box full of Lush products that I am gonna use as  presents. I also bought some products for myself. If I can get my background in order in time I will … Continue reading

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