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Bergen in the sun

Bergen is such a beautiful city when the sun shines. And on my home every day I walk past this little fairytale set-up in someone’s garden so I took some pictures to show you=D Cute, right?=D   When I was … Continue reading

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Size Matters=D

Norway FTW XP (and Sweeden and Denmark tooXP)

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I made ice cream

  This is a bowl of my all natural, homemade pineapple ice cream, made with real pineapple (as opposed to canned). Took about 10 minutes, and was delicious=D I am so proud of myself. Now off to freeze all my … Continue reading

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It is world contracetion day today

Your life Website   So it’s World Contraception day today. And if you preach abstinence I’ve really got this to say: Kids who stay “abstinent” will usually do this by changing their definition of virginity to mean that they are … Continue reading

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Little things I do to make bad days better. Part 1

I stop in front of this piece of graffiti an clap my hands three times to save a fairy. I am a big believer in keeping the innocence alive, and thus like to clap my hands to save fairies, I … Continue reading

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I am such a klutz

So here I am, trying out a new method for baking salmon with the skin on in the oven, which includes frying it first skinside down in a skillet, so that the skin will stick and you end up with … Continue reading

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Raindrops falling on my head, drops falling

So in the states Chicago is known as the windy city. Here in Norway we have Bergen, which is the rainy city. Some other cities are a little jealous of this, Haugesund claim to have at least as many rainy … Continue reading

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I got an A for effort today

So I went to get tested at the blood bank today, to see if I could be a blood donor. I already have a donor card in my wallet and my plan was to be a blood donor and register … Continue reading

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Soooo… I made dinner

Yeah, I made dinner. Salmon nigiri, with and without obi. Salmon and advokado onigiri. Inside-in Calfornia-rolls. And crabstick filled Poké-giri.   It was tasty, but the I messed up on the Pokégiri and added the red food-dye in after the … Continue reading

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Fudgings Aida from hell!!!

So I have been working on this Christmas present. For weeks now, and its excruciating work, because the Aida I am using is a complete terror to work with. And then right before putting it away I notice that there … Continue reading

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