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Tour de Fibre – Day 1

Lots of drama today, what with the bus sticking and all the people falling of their bikes and crashing into stuff and each other. I am watching through an online streaming service and was therefore 2 hours late in seeing … Continue reading

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Tour de Fibre

I’m doing the Tour de Fibre this year with my mom. What this is is we watch Tour the France and do different fibre related crafts (quilting, stitching, knitting or similar). I’ll be cross stitching. And me being the kind … Continue reading

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Cold brewed coffee – illustrated

Yeah, so after I posted the cold brewed coffee recipe I started thinking it would have been nice if I put some pictures in the post, so the next time I made the recipe I photographed the process. So here … Continue reading

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I finished something=D

I have had a rough couple of months, and one of the things that have suffered for it has been my concentration to anything. I hav not really been able to focus on neither reading, games or my crafts, but … Continue reading

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