When the effing eff did I become an adult?!

So the boyfriend has been working all weekend leaving me home alone, which is always nice.  Watching anything I want on TV (I’ve seen Chicago thrice in two days), taking as long showers as I want (have emptied the hot water tank twice), eating cheese doodles like they were going out of style without feeling like a pig. And cleaning.
Yeah, so apparently I enjoy cleaning now. When the eff did that happen?!! I have disliked cleaning when not alone for years, but I realized earlier today that I actually ENJOY doing laundry!! The f**k?!
I have concluded that I apparently have caught adulthood and so far as I know there is no cure for that. Damn you mom! Stop being infectiously grown up, will you? I also light candles. I blame you mom!

But I’ve also been playing Hearthstone and I had cheese doodles for breakfast so that balances it out somewhat I hope.

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