Gone Girl

So, I went to an early screening of Gone Girl today. It won’t be released until next Friday, so for once I am early with my review.

I cannot tell you anything about the plot, ‘cos any information at all would spoil you. Or I can tell you the set up, as in the first 10 minutes.

Man comes into a bar, with a box of Mastermind (I loved this game as a child BTW) under his arm. The barkeep pours him and herself a shot each of brown liquor, whiskey or bourbon, I don’t remember. She is his twin sister and he gripes to her about his stupid, passive-aggressive wife and how she is going to ruin their fifth wedding anniversary. When he comes home to celebrate with his wife she is not there, the living room is in shambles, and he calls the cops to report her missing.

That is it. I cannot tell you anything more about the plot. Anything more and I would need to put big red spoiler tape all over this post.

This movie drags you in. You will make up your mind and then change it. Again and again. Few characters is who they seem to be. Except the idiot cop-assistant. He is just an idiot cop-assistant.

I could call it a study of the court of public opinion. I could call it a lesson in advanced forensic psychology, the class you take while writing your master thesis. Its messed up, and it feels… very realistic in all its messed-up-ness. The crook is really crazy. All the messed up people are way worse than you think. The blond newscaster, no doubt modeled after a certain crazy blond American female newscaster is bloody psychotic, and both judge and jury in the aforementioned court of public opinion.

This movie is rife with interesting characters and good performances. The soundtrack is just the right amount of solemn, and never really epic enough for the really crazy scenes, but that is even better. It is the kind of soundtrack where you don’t really notice it so much as feel the tension it creates, and when it isn’t as scary and epic as you feel it should be, that makes the horrible scenes feel commonplace. Like the bad person does this without it being special. Which they do.

It has more than a handful moments where you expect some one to shout out and go BOO! and the only jump-scare moment comes when you least expect it. The one gory scene comes out of no-where. The mood is so somber, and low-key that you keep expecting the movie to blow up soon, and it never does. It burns slowly. The kind of fire that never really stops, when you think it’s out it always seems to rekindle itself and keep on slowly devouring everything around it.

This is a magnificent thriller. Go see it.

It is based on the book by the same name.

And to round this review of I went and got a quote of the authors goodreads page:

“Gillian Flynn is the real deal, a sharp, acerbic, and compelling storyteller with a knack for the macabre.”
–Stephen King

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  1. Kio says:

    I take it you haven’t read the book? I have and I am really curious as to how it compares to the movie. But I want to ask you one thing. I think I know when the gory scene takes place and what it contains, but before I can watch this movie I need to know how graphic it is. Do we get to see everything? (in that case I’ll know to stay away and be content with just the book experience)

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