Lament of the airtravel passenger

Yeah, I’m traveling for work today. We are gonna be away until tomorrow representing my company at the annual meeting for the Norwegian Association of Disabled. Me and one colleague left early this morning, and we checked in one bag, with her clothes, and our promotional material.

Don’t you think the stupid airline lost our frigging bag? So here I am, in a city far from home, praising the lord of luggage that I only packed hand-luggage, and therefore am not missing any of my stuff. My colleague is our shopping for her essentials, and the hotel where the meeting is held printed some stuff for us. We will be fine, of course , but it’s frigging annoying. We had all this promotional material, and goodie bags, and business cards to hand out, and now we have nothing.

Or rather, we have the printouts, and my colleague ran out and bought some Tvist.

But I’m really rather pissed at SAS at the moment. Losing our luggage on a direct flight that took one and a half hour is completely talentless and unprofessional!

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