That kind of day

Do you ever have a “that kind of day”? Where nothing seems to go right?

I am having one of those days. I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm sounded, and thought I would have lots of time to get ready. I time most of the things I do in the morning with an alarm, to make sure I won’t be late. Even with the timer and the 30 extra minutes I almost missed my bus. I didn’t really spend any extra time on anything, but I must have, ‘cos all the time disappeared.

And then I got stressed and manage to tight-line my eyelid instead of my waterline, and had to fix that. I forgot my sunglasses. I almost forgot my lunch. My schedule includes 15 minutes to eat breakfast, today I ate my breakfast on the bus. And to top it all off, the strap on my bag broke, so I had to carry it by the stupid other straps that hurt my arm. I have NO IDEA where all my extra time went, but when it disappeared it took all of the other time with it!

2016-05-09 10.58.02I am on an internship at the moment, on day 4, in a library. I still feel like I do everything wrong, and spend suuuuper long on everything I do. And while I sort of know people, I don’t really know them yet, so most conversations are awkward and weird.


It’s that kind of day today…. Bleh

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