Settled in Bergen

I have lived in Bergen for a week and a day now. I got the internets yesterday, but I find myself dreading writing the big “Bergen is like this, and this is what I’ve done”-post.  To write ing two languages can be a hassle sometimes,

But to sum it up: The girl I live with is really nice, my class is awesome, my appartment is really nice (at least now that that it’s cleanXP). Bergen is a nice city, and I live close enough to school to walk there every day.


One thing is a little strange, is that I am changing. And it only took a week O.o I have started using makeup every day, which I haven’t done since junior high. I read books again. My need for shopping is abating. I don’t HAVE to buy something just ‘cos I enter the store anymore.

I am social every single day,which I haven’t been for like 4 years, and I do it because I wan’t to not because I have to. Which is really nice=D


So yeah. Bergen is good for Tinkerbeth=D

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